Bathroom Renovations

Budget or Luxury, Big or Small. Bathroom Renovations in Townsville & Western Qld

Is your bathroom due for a refresh? As a high traffice area in the family home, your bathroom is a valuable zone that needs extra care and attention.

JKC Building has been renovating Bathrooms as a qualified builder for 50 years in Townsville, Hughenden, Richmond and Western Queensland.

Townsville Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renos are our specialty

When thinking about a bathroom renovation, it can be overwhelming. You want the best bathroom for a fair price, JKC will help you get there.

Where do you start? Should you replace fixtures? What style should you aim for? What is the right floor layout for your family bathroom needs?

These are questions we hear all the time! JKC help you work out how to approach the design challenges of your home and achieve the goals of your bathroom renovation project.

Quality products make The Difference

Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures

Supporting local suppliers and manufacturers in Townsville when purchasing the products for your Bathroom Renovation project is critical to a successful project.

Who else is going to have a showroom for visiting, touching and comparing physical products side by side?

We have a great relationship with our local suppliers and will provide you with a shopping list before you venture out to select fittings, fixtures and tapware.

Suppliers we trust

buying local makes all the difference

Purchasing your bathroom fittings and fixtures from local suppliers means you can look, touch and lean on the helpful staff at Reece Townsville & Marlin Tiles for support.

After we have worked with you to create a scope and understand your vision and goals for your bathroom renovation, we sign the contract and get underway with the fun part – Shopping!

Our team give you a tailored Bathroom Fixture, Fitting & Tile Selection shopping list – this list helps you make the right choices and avoid getting lost.

We then direct you to some of our favourite suppliers that have a great range, local showroom in Townsville and friendly staff. 

We are a phone call away if you stil need our help.

I want to renovate your bathroom & home like it's my own. Our family have been local Townsville builders for 50yrs and cherish our rich history with North & Western Queensland.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while my team take care of the hard work. I love to get involved and help guide you to select the right fixtures, style, layout and any other items that make your bathroom renovation the best it can be.

Give me a call for a chat about your bathroom reno or any renovation project.

Patrick Kenna - (Director - JKC Building)

Building on a Budget?

Smart Design & Budget Choice for your Bathroom Reno

We help you avoid over capitalising on your bathroom renovation project by keeping trades in-house wherever possible.

Our team has an in-house tiler, this means we can do wall and floor tiles with ease and we take the stress of finding an sub-contractor who will do a right job. 

As a high traffic zone, the bathroom can be a stunning space that is future proofed for the needs of a growing family.

Talk to our team to find out how we can help you build to a budget.

We Renovate All Aspects of Your Bathroom

Showers - Walk In

A modern design for growing families

Giving yourself a good clean up after a tough day doesn’t need to feel like another job to do. 

You spend alot of time in the bathroom, a walk-in shower is a modern alteration that suits growing families 

As a space, we consider this zone a high value renovation area. You can make simple changes to the layout of your bathroom by incorporating: 

  • A large shower head
  • Recessed shelving in the walls
  • Frameless Glass
  • Floor to Wall Tiles

Freestanding or Built in

Luxury feels, modern design

Whether your are looking for some down time and a good soak or its family bath time for the children, choosing the right bathtub is key.

We recommend you head over to showrooms such as Reece & Marlin Tiles to checkout their range of Bathtubs and get in there, have a go and see how it feels before making a decision. 

His & Hers - Vanities

Practical Storage with a High End Finish

Smart design choices consider the use of space. A vanity can incorporate storage, his & hers basins and mirrors and much more. 

A wall hung vanity is a great way to use space and work with a small area. Bathrooms are tight, but there is alot of practical solutions that look great too.

Bathrooms, Showers, Toilets & Vanities

There's a bathroom for every home

Whether it’s family bath & shower time, that regular visit we all make to the loo or getting ready before heading out for the day. The Bathroom is a high traffic area and a hidden show piece in the home. 

As a space, we consider this zone a high value renovation area. You can make simple changes to the layout of your bathroom by incorporating: 

  • A Walk in shower
  • Fitted Furniture
  • Recessed storage nooks
  • Backlit mirrors
  • His & Hers Vanity

Bathroom Renovation FAQ's

A bathroom renovation costs between $16k and $20k. There are many factors that can contribute such as tile selections, fittings and fixtures; size of your new or old space ( bathrooms vary significantly in terms of floor area); plumbing work to keep cost low for clients who want an affordable design without sacrificing any functionality – we encourage them by offering our expert advice on what could be done during major layout changes to future proof your bathroom renovation. 

Talk to our team about your renovation for a ballpark price range that suits your family needs or we can arrange a comprehensive quote and site visit.

No you don’t. However we do need to arrange a few certificates to verify that works completed are upto the building code and are compliant. This is important for every homeowner to ensure that the quality of work is carried out in line with Australian Standards and will not bite you later down the track should issues arise. 

Typical certifications issued include:

  • A Waterproofing certificate – form 16 for waterproofing works (this is issued by a building certifier or QBCC licence holder who is licenced for waterproofing & plumbing.
  • A Glazing certificate – form 15 (supply) and a form 16 to verify that the installation is compliant.
  • A Plumbing certificate – form 16 for plumbing works to certify that all works performed were completed by a competent person and to the building code / Australian Standards.

Our team is proud to have 50 years worth of experience in the design and execution of Bathroom renovations. Our understanding of the process and considering the unknowns is invaluable. We know how to make any bathroom look amazing, no matter the budget – there are always options. 

We’ve seen it all, from luxurious bathrooms with high-end features and amenities that will make your loved ones feel pampered every day or basic services for budget bathrooms like installing new taps, basins and vanities. This gives us plenty of opportunities along our journey where new ideas come up which we apply to every new renovation project. 

Our experienced plumbers are licenced professionals who take care when completing their work for you so we can deliver an unforgettable touch and quality finish. 

The attention to detail we put into each project makes any budget look amazing because we understand how critical a smooth installation with high quality workmanship is to make a new walk in shower, floor tiles, vanity unit, mixers and more stand out and shine.

Our team travels everywhere, we have been actively building and working with clients in Townsville through to Julia Creek. We are out west on a fortnightly basis with a home base in Townsville. Arranging a site visit and measure is simple, just call our team or send us a quote request and we will be in touch soon.

JKC Building is fully equipped to travel and build throughout North & West Queensland. Our staff live within Townsville and can easily service locations such as Townsville, Garbutt, North Ward, Aitkenvale & Mount Louisa. 

Outside of Townsville, our team are travelling out west on a rotating fortnightly roster – our common areas serviced are; Richmond, Hughenden, Cloncurry, Julia Creek and surrounding regions.

Absolutely! Our interior design experts and build team have learnt many style tips and practical design solutions that is best shared with our clients.

We love personally helping our clients through the design process, because at completion we get to share that new reveal moment. 

We take pride in delivering an amazing bathroom renovation that serves your family for generations to come!

A bathroom is a major component of every household, renovating it will always add value to your property. The more usable and attractive the room becomes for guests or members-of-the family who visit frequently – giving a greater sense of comfort in the home.

In order make sure you can attract desired buyers with improved aesthetics then think about giving these rooms facelifts before selling. If you want your home valued at more than market price, improve those liveability factors! Renovate the small and compact bathroom or replace those outdated fixtures that are keeping your home dated and under valued.

Nowadays, it is a smart move to renovate your bathroom before selling it. Not only will the renovation increase the sale value of your home and appeal but also attract more buyers who are interested in how well designed or made the space may be for their home! A simple task such as changing out tiles can make all of this happen quicker than expected, it means less time for the potential buyer spent on redecorating after sale. It’s a lot easier to close a sale at a higher price when there is nothing to fix up later.

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