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Building in Townsville for 50 years

JKC Building was established in 1972 by my father, John Kenna. He started John Kenna Constructions in his hometown of Winton in Western Queensland. He started out by completing work for the Winton council and insurance building repair jobs.

This progressed to receiving consistent work from insurance assessors, and therefore the expansion of the company began. From here, John Kenna Constructions was servicing both Townsville and rural and remote areas of Western Queensland.

By the mid seventies, my father moved with our family to Townsville to base himself better to service both North and Western Queensland.

Growing up I would travel out west to job sites with my dad, and be in awe of the land and the work involved. This is where my passion for building began.

Once I finished school I began my trade as a plumber. I worked for myself up until 2014, and then teamed up with my father in the family business, JKC Building. Dad and I worked side by side for many years, and now I endure to uphold my family’s legacy of JKC Building with my own young family.

We're proud to say we've helped many families discover that dream home feeling while enjoying the build process.

The Kenna Family
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