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Townsville House Raising & Relocating

Is your home too low for your lifestyle? Let us know how high you want to go, and we can help. 

JKC Building have 50 years of experience in house raising, house lift and build under renovations, lift and repositioning services, and House removal and relocations. 

We use specialised lifting equipment to ensure your house lift goes smoothly and safely.

House Lifting

Do you need a House Lift & Build Under Renovation?

An often overlooked renovation which doubles your floor area without affecting the footprint of your home is a House Lift and Build Under.

We can take your existing home, lift it up a storey and build a brand new extension to your home underneath.

Great for commercial and residential buildings.

House Relocations

Take your home with you with JKC Building.

We have been relocating houses throughout Townsville & Western Queensland for 50 years.

Our team have the experience and know how to work with specialised lifting equipment and transport an entire house across the countryside to your required destination.

As licenced builders, we have the qualifications and experience to safely lift your home or existing building from one of location to the next.

Your Local Townsville Builder

Townsville to wherever you need us

Patrick  the team are passionate about building, problem solving and helping clients reach their property dreams.

Our goal is to make the process of relocating your home, lifting your house and renovating as stress free as possible.

Work with a builder that has been working in Townsville for 50 years, we would love to use our knowledge to solve your problems.

House Raising FAQ's

A House Lift and Build-under is another type of total renovation for your home. A typical cost for a House Raising and complete lower level renovation with bedrooms, living spaces and other amenities ranges from $250k to $350k depending on the size of the floor area and related challenges on the block.

JKC Building provide House Lifting for projects in Townsville, Hughenden, Richmond, Winton and regional towns West of Townsville (Far North Queensland).

A typical house lift with a; build-under renovation, repositioning on the block or relocation to another property won’t cause any structural damage to your home – when done properly.

It is important to use a QBCC licenced builder in Queensland to ensure that you, as the homeowner, are protected by the builders insurances. Talk to our team to discuss your house raising, relocation or reposition and we can talk about risks, the process and provide a quote.

Raising your home is the process of separating a house from its foundations and raising it to a legal height (refer to your local council regulations).

Our team assesses the frame of your house and checks the structural integrity of your home before we agree to take on your house lift project.

Families looking to avoid moving from a great location or block that they own outright into a sub division can benefit in a big way from a house lift and build under. We can double the floor area of your home and add; internal stairs, down stairs kitchen, a new loungeroom, guest room and ensuite and a bathroom. This effectively doubles the size of your home and will add significant value to your property – its an investment into yourself and your future.

A house lift or raise is performed with specialised equipment commonly known as lifting jacks. The operation involves specialised equipment to support the house evenly and lift the structure in a smooth action that results in no movement or rocking which can disrupt the structure and frame.

House Raising is often the process before a relocation, repositioning or total renovation (build-under). It should always be performed by a licenced builder who can demonstrate experience, this will avoid additional repair costs or potentially significant damage should the house lift be done by an inexperienced and/or unlicensed builder.

At JKC Building we use specialised lifting equipment that has been engineered and designed for house raising and lifting services, our team are trained to use the specialised lifting jacks and we have 50 years of experience.

Looking to Renovate?

Find out why we have been around for 50 years, renovating Townsville and beyond.

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