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Our team have been renovating new and old homes for 50 years, this is because of the relationships we build with our clients and the pride we share with them on completion. The whole process is an experience – fixture and product selection, on-site planning of interior and exterior layouts and transparent renovation costs.

Home Renovations

Looking to renovate? Do it with JKC

When considering whether to renovate or not to renovate your house, there can be an enormous amount of questions and decisions to be made – often leading to stress, indecision and a general feeling of being overwhelmed.

Lets face it, you want your money to be invested wisely and be proud of the finished renovation project – show your friends, family and enjoy the new space!

It’s your home after all and at JKC Building, we treat your home renovation like it is our own home (until handover that is).

I want to renovate your house like it's my house. I want to bring to your attention if something is missing or if there is something that looks cool or appealing and should be in your home. I want to explore all the options where possible while renovating, while building.

If it was me and if someone didn't give me the opportunity to include a great feature that looks nice or would be better, I would be upset.

Patrick Kenna - (Director - JKC Building)

Our Renovation Promise

We Partner with you. Your Home, Our Renovation.

Every renovation project is different. Each one requiring experience and quality workmanship to see your build through to the end. 

We help you select the right pieces of the puzzle and create an experience that is enjoyable and engaging.

Patrick personally manages every renovation project, no matter where you are – Townsville, Richmond, Hughenden, Cloncurry and beyond! 

Whether you want to renovate your home for sale, change the layout to become your ‘forever home’ or refresh an outdate design – we are there with you.

There is a lot we can do to help you reach those goals and do it on a budget or make a big impact with architectural statements.

Renovating all of your home

Master Bedroom, Guestrooms & Kids Rooms

Relax in Luxury and Style

You and your family spend your most valuable time in the bedroom. Relaxation and Quality Sleep are essential in life. A bedroom renovation will not only add value to your home – increasing sale potential, it will bring you satisfaction for years on end.  

Bathrooms, Showers, Toilets & Vanities

Luxury Bathrooms For Every Home

Whether it’s family bath & shower time, that regular visit we all make to the loo or getting ready before heading out for the day. The Bathroom is a high traffic area and a hidden show piece in the home. 

As a space, we consider this zone a high value renovation area. You can make simple changes to the layout of your bathroom by incorporating: 

  • A Walk in shower
  • Fitted Furniture
  • Recessed storage nooks
  • Backlit mirrors
  • His & Hers Vanity

Open Plan Living, Entertaining & Family Spaces

Smart Layouts, Natural lighting & Personality

Living rooms are a place for gathering, conversations and entertaining. Renovating a small and closed off living room into a modern, welcoming space will always score big.

Consider lighting, statement pieces, textures, colours, flooring & furniture choices to add personality to your home renovation that reflects you & your family.

Dining, Meals & Entertainment

Create a conversation starter at meal time.

Dining rooms are a central part of the home, they bring the family together during the best time of the day – meal time!

Let JKC Building work with you to build your vision for a dining room that represents you and makes you proud.

Laundry Room Renovations

Make the most of a small zone

The Laundry is a highly functional utilitarian space in the home. We do our washing, drying & folding there – it’s practical. 

A Laundry renovation can convert this space to match the theme and design of your home seamlessly. 

Smart solutions such as the below are great ideas. 

  • Vertical Storage
  • Build Cabinetry & Shelving
  • L shaped Layouts
  • Make it Multi-Purpose (pet supplies, iron storage etc)

House Renovation FAQ's

House Renovations are an investment, the cost is based on your individual needs and design goals. Typical renovations range anywhere from $80k up to $270k in North Queensland – this is influenced by material costs, local trades, fixtures, design aesthetics etc JKC can work to any budget and with 50 years experience, we know how to add value and deliver a quality project.

All structural changes made to your home require council approvals and building applications. As a starting point, it is always best to refer to your local regional councils’ website for planning approval information. Check  Planning Approval – Townsville City Council for current guidelines and information. 

Bathrooms are a great addition followed by increasing the number of bedrooms and living spaces.In Townsville and North Queensland, outdoor living and entertaining areas are a must. A big deck, pool and veranda can do wonders to the appeal and value of your home.

Modernising a house ready for sale is rarely going to be a poor decision. The key is considering your ideal buyer and making changes that suit your potential buyer. For example, if your home is in close proximity to good schools, shopping and services – you may find the ideal buyer for your home may be a young family. Spend some time thinking about your living spaces, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Do some research on interior design, home renovation ideas – (pinterest is a great start!).

JKC Building is fully equipped to travel and build throughout North & West Queensland. Our staff live within Townsville and can easily service locations such as Townsville, Garbutt, North Ward, Aitkenvale & Mount Louisa. 

Outside of Townsville, our team are travelling out west on a rotating fortnightly roster – our common areas serviced are; Richmond, Hughenden, Cloncurry, Julia Creek and surrounding regions.

A master bedroom with a nice walk in robe and ensuite ticks a lot of boxes. Giving an added bathroom for guests and family. Each of these zones add value to your sense of comfort and help you enjoy your home more.

Contact JKC and we can discuss your ideas, and decide if you need to get a draftsman involved and we can go from there, having a plan and budget is crucial.

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