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Create the home you have always wanted with JKC Building, your local Townsville builder with 50 years experience in renovations, commercial building and house extensions

Are you eager to find a house with space for your family and pets, but struggle with the rising cost of land or availability in the right location, there may be another solution – extending your home.

House Extensions - Townsville

When you need to break free of your existing floorplan

A house extension adds usable floor space to your home and more often than not will increase the value of your home by 20% or more.

Accommodate a growing family and remain at the same address – stay local to schools, local shops, essential services and parks.

Our team are experienced in working on all types of homes and adding to, building up or building below. 

Working with a builder that has experience, will save you every time.

I want to extend your home like it's my own.
Our family have been local Townsville builders for 50yrs and cherish our rich history with North & Western Queensland.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while my team take care of the hard work. I love taking on the challenge of blending the new with old and giving your family the gift of a new lifestyle.

Give me a call for a chat about your House Extension or addition.

Patrick Kenna - (Director - JKC Building)

Why should you extend your home?

Create Space & Add Value To your Home

Feeling like the family is living on top of each other?

This is a common feeling we see families experience before considering extending your home.

Some of the practical reasons to extend your home with JKC Building are: 

  • Convert your home to an open plan living space
  • Reconfigure the interior floor plan to increase space
  • Introduce more natural light
  • Move living areas to the rear of the home
  • Add more entertainment and storage zones

What Types of Extensions Can We Do For You?

Get the space you need

Single Storey Extensions & Additions.

You don’t need to make your house look like a two-storey mansion to find the space you
crave: we can help give you exactly what you’re looking for with a single-storey extension.

A single storey rear or side extension will make the most of your existing space without over capitalising on your block. They are faster, economical and tie into your existing home seamlessly to maintain the aesthetics of your home – no matter the style

No space on your land?

Multi Storey Additions & Extensions

When the land is tight and you have a smaller block to work with, how do you increase the size of your dream home without moving?

A double storey will give you more of everything without having to buy a new property from scratch. You can have a living area downstairs with a kitchen and dining room fit for entertaining, as well as an upstairs suite with bedrooms and bathrooms that suit your needs – big enough for family visits.

Adding on isn’t just beneficial – it will also bring peace of mind knowing that your children or grandchildren can grow up with their own slice of paradise.

House Lift & Build Under

Double your floor area within the same footprint

Additions to you home for entertainment, parents retreats, games rooms for the kids or a second living area can be added below your single level home.

Perfect for Queenslanders or homes on stumps – we can lift your home and build a new level below, creating a second storey home extension. 

Our team have the expertise to lift your home, build under and ensure the job is done right.

House Extension FAQ's

House extensions cost anywhere from $80k to $270k. The types of rooms we include in your extension such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Rooms & Rumpus Rooms all have different build requirements and materials. This makes the mix of rooms a contributor to how much your extension will cost.

Organise a quote with Pat and the team at JKC Building, we will have a chat about your needs and talk budgets before we work with you and get plans drafted – drafted plans are required to get a fixed quote.

Extending your house is a big decision for any family. JKC Building want to be with you along the journey to your new lifestyle and home.

To help consolidate your ideas and support the drafting and quoting process – you should think about your goals.

Put a small list together of the main goals for your family:

  • Do you need to fit more members of the family?
  • Do you want to add an entertainment zone with a rumpus room, home theatre and guest room to your home?
  • Are you wanting to invest in your home now to increase the value of your home later?

We also strongly recommend drawing up a basic floor plan of your existing home and map out the changes you want to make. Pat and the team at JKC will work with you from here to work through your goals, ideas and help you along the process.

Yes, similar to a house renovation, expanding the footprint of your home and breathing new life into the old is always going to be a winner with future buyers. Talk with your local real estate agent to get a solid understanding of the future value of your home after a house extension in Townsville.

Yes most times with home extensions we match the existing cladding, or roof pitch to keep the same look throughout. You really want your house to look brand new, bigger and not know we renovated it. It needs to flow with all its external lines – a seamless extension inside and out.

Wherever you need us, in Townsville, Far North and Western Queensland. JKC Building has been travelling remote and local for 50 years now – during this time we have set up our own infrastructure, relationships with local trades and are fully equipped to tackle house extensions no matter where they are.

Yes council permits are essential for home extensions. Furthermore, extensions often involve structural changes to the home and often require engineering. Plumbing approvals for extra bathrooms or powder rooms may also be required.

It is important to check with your local council to see what limitations are imposed on your property through town planning and development. This will ensure expectations are realistic and your extension will be approved.

Once we meet and chat about the budget and what your extension consists of, we then move on to the drafting stage where we work with you and a draftsman to do a preliminary set of plans. After this point, JKC Building can formalise a quotation for your house extension.

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